Live entertainment on demand

Shout out to your favourite artists to let them know where you want them to play

Let's Do This

Attract Artists

Create your own profile and place a magnet on the map to attract your favourite artists to perform near you.

Beat the Queue

By having your wallet queue up for you, be the first inline to purchase tickets when a gig is announced.

Affordable Tickets

Tickets to the fans. Not the touts. By creating digital pre-sale queues we're able to reduce secondary ticketing and save you cash. 

So what does Openstage do?

Well, we've put together a short video below explaining what Openstage is solving.

Watch the video


Perform where your fans want to see you

Get more gigs

Maximise the artist-to-fan and perform more sold out shows. Use our technology to find your audience with an easy-to-use global heat map of demand.

Grow your audience

Fans place magnets to attract you to their location. As magnets accumulate, they form a digital ticket queue in the form of geographical heat maps, revealing true artist demand.

Sell direct-to-fans

Live events can be  tailored to appropriate venues around the world with a higher rate of ticket fulfilment. Fans purchase tickets direct through the openstage platform.