So, What is OpenStage?

OpenStage is the missing link between a performer/promoter and fans.

We give the control of when and where an event takes place to the people who matter, you, and by doing this we can create a world stage together.

Through us, fans can connect with artists, performers with promoters and even venues and agents. This is a hub for the performance and creative industries, through which events can be created with no risk, both by fans and by performers/promoters.

The site works by encouraging and rewarding the dedication of fans to singers, bands, performers, DJs and artists. Using our site, a fan is able to register and search through our events listing for their dream event. If it’s not there, then you can simply create it and influence their favourite performer to play where they want, when they want…

Getting started

Getting started is simple; just take a look through our listed events… Do you find one you want to attend? Awesome! Now you can help to make this happen.

Next step

To help make the event a reality, you need to pledge for tickets. You set the amount you want to pledge and we strongly advise that you make it a realistic representation of how much you would pay for a ticket to your chosen event.

A pledge is made using your bank or credit card for the amount you have specified. Absolutely no money will be taken unless the event goes ahead.


Shout about it! Tweet, share on Facebook and tag every single friend you have, post on the artist’s Facebook wall, Instagram a screengrab, write a blog, email the performer… make this event happen as the more pledges that are made, the closer it becomes to happening.

How does an event happen?

Every single event created on OpenStage has a Tipping Point which is set by the performer or promoter, this is set depending on the value required to make the event viable. If this point is not reached, then there isn’t enough interest or pledges to entice the artist to perform. So to make an event happen you need to pledge a realistic amount for a ticket and increase the number of pledges through your own social network and using your influence as a fan.

When the Tipping Point is reached, the event becomes a reality! You will receive notification that the event is happening and your pledged amount will be debited from your bank or credit card.

I can’t find my dream event!

This is cool too, because it means you can create it. Once you have registered to OpenStage you can create an event in a location you desire and make your pledge. Use social media and your friends to increase the number of pledges because once there is enough interest, the performer or promoter can set the Tipping Point for the event to take place and your event is on the way to becoming reality!

As a performer or promoter, OpenStage will work for you in two rather awesome ways:

The site allows fans to tell you exactly where they want you to perform. Long gone can be the days of performing to half empty rooms, as with OpenStage you can sell-out a event before you even confirm you’re playing.

The site also allows you to support tentative events you have coming up. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to play in Manchester but you’re not sure if people will buy tickets. Sorted, create the event on OpenStage, plug it on social networking platforms and once you receive enough interest to make it viable, you can make it happen.

So, do I create my events or do my fans?

Both. A fan can create an OpenStage event magnet because they really want you to play in a specific location (town, city, venue) but you never perform there (boo). For a fan this opportunity is fantastic, they can communicate their wishes to you directly and entice you to their location!

Once they have created an OpenStage event they pledge money against their bank or credit card to attend. It is then in their best interest to plug like mad on social networking sites to build the number of pledges for the event. As the performer/promoter, you set a Tipping Point for the event to actually happen, for you to perform that event (this can be how many people are needed or how much the pledge fund needs to total).

But what makes OpenStage so unique and risk-free, is that no money is exchanged until the event is confirmed to happen: the money fans pledge will only be debited once the event is confirmed to go ahead.

You are also able to create OpenStage event listings for tentative events which are dependent on reaching a Tipping Point for them to take place. All you need to do is tell us the venue (we will contact them to verify it’s a genuine event) and start creating your buzz on social media. If enough fans pledge, you have a risk-free event – you made it happen. If the Tipping Point you set is not met you can choose to cancel the event, no pledge money is taken from the fans and no one has lost any money. You can then find another venue or location, maybe smaller or with a lower Tipping Point which is almost guaranteed to be met.

Have a look around and get involved! If you’re a performer or partnered-promoter set up your events, bring over your fans through social networks and start utilising OpenStage as the support platform it was created to be. If you’re a fan go and find the artists and performers you like, follow them and start to entice them to perform for you and your friends.





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