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Around the World in 18 bars @ SXSW

Whilst at SXSW, I decided to see what the world had to offer me. Lots of artists here appear to be supported by their governments in helping them to export their wonderful music. These trade bodies have hired boats, bars and houses In Austin to host showcases, parties and general debauchery. Rude not to join in, right?

So I started the day in blighty thanks to Annabel and Jonny D at the MMF. Moved quickly on to the Scottish delegate where I saw the amazing Catholic Action. Next a few blocks to Australia for some good old RnB. No stopping me now as I headed to Canada House. The French Canadian, Le Couleur were my highlight of the day  a stomping mixture of 80’s house and 70’s disco ticked all my boxes. Next off to the BMA who were hosting a Northern Ireland showcase and I was then persuaded to visit south of the border at Frados for a couple of pints of the black stuff. The evening was a little washy in the memory now but I went to France, Italy and New Zealand before heading to a Ticketmaster party, which appeared to be full of lawyers and accountants. Yep, it seems they get to rock n roll too!

A common thread throughout the day was the fear of planning shows outside of the artists home country. It’s okay when your government is paying but damn scary when you have to take the risk as a new band. Openstage are going to be working with some amazing artists in the next few weeks and months in helping them find their global audience. Watch this space...

I did make it to bed eventually with a fully stamped passport. 

Written by Rob Sealy, Head of Sales, Openstage