Why knowing who and where your fans are can make the difference in marketing

Fan Map

One notion that we often find repeated in our many conversations with successful managers and music marketeers is that the momentum of a given artist began in one post code or another or that there was a targeted effort in a specific location that sparked the initial buzz that drove a project forward.

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Are music artists chasing the wrong sort of fans?

As we know music is one of the few industries built entirely on the strength of fans. It’s products and services aren’t functional and are rarely tangible; instead of fulfilling a material need, they often fulfil an emotional one. Even the act of purchasing a t-shirt derives more from a form of tribalism and loyalty rather than suitability or need. Fans are the reason the music industry exists. Millions are being spent by artists on marketing in order to build an audience that will provide a long term and sustainable income. But are artists chasing the right sort of fans?

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Ticketmaster - the strategic move ...

Openstage.com making music fair

Ticketmaster’s decision to shut SeatWave and Get Me In! was greeted by a polite ripple of applause from music fans rather than the kind of whooping that might be reserved for their favourite artist coming on stage. Was this decision a bold one? Or was it a straight forward piece of strategy designed to make them more money?  At first look Ticketmaster have decided that the secondary market is more trouble than it’s worth. Industry sources say that TM have been planning to shut down Seatwave and GMI! for over a year.

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Keep up the Fight for Face Value Tickets

With secondary ticketing being the bane of live music fans for many years, today’s announcement from the ticketing giant, Ticketmaster, is literally music to our ears! Pardon the pun.

Having suffered too long at the hands of GetMeIn and Seatwave amongst others, hardcore fans or, as Openstage like to call them, Superfans, have been paying way over the odds to see their favourite artists or, in many cases, priced out of the market all together.  

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That Dirty Word- Data!

Your old trusted friend the mailing list, could soon become one of the biggest sources of risk to your business if you don’t take some action now.  Most of you will have heard about GDPR, how it’s going to affect using consumer data and the usage of your fan email addresses. It has been a topic of conversation at many of the recent music events including SXSW, Music Connected and this week’s Sandbox Summit in NYC, both in speaker panels and later a key topic over beer.

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Around the World in 18 bars @ SXSW

Whilst at SXSW, I decided to see what the world had to offer me. Lots of artists here appear to be supported by their governments in helping them to export their wonderful music. These trade bodies have hired boats, bars and houses In Austin to host showcases, parties and general debauchery. Rude not to join in, right?

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How to Own Your Own Fan Relationships

14th March 2018 – from SWSW, Texas

What a day, Lyor Cohen providing a keynote to the opening to SXSW Music. The whole day had a common thread: own your own fan relationships, and yet, again and again the constant contradiction between artist survival seems to get in the way of this mantra sung by so many of the industry leaders.

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