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How to Own Your Own Fan Relationships

14th March 2018 – from SWSW, Texas

What a day, Lyor Cohen providing a keynote to the opening to SXSW Music. The whole day had a common thread: own your own fan relationships, and yet, again and again the constant contradiction between artist survival seems to get in the way of this mantra sung by so many of the industry leaders.

Artists don’t think they have an easy tech solution to do this while they naturally chat to friends and fans as their careers progress. Lets face it, most audio artists just want to make music. However, the reality is they have to be business women and men too. This is where tech comes in.

So the question is, how can tech help artist do this arduous job as easily as possible so they maximize their business value as they pursue their creative journey? 

The simple truth is that there are so many companies out there trying to make huge sums of money from separating these relationships and then charging for giving artists access to fans and followers. Surely that has to put of artists coming through today. There is a solution and that is Openstage… 

By Sam Barlow, Founder