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In the generation of streaming how did The Wombats climb to the top of the charts?

Signed The Wombats Album Cover

A fantastic album and an army of loyal fans is a great start!

Openstage is delighted that we were able to play a part in marketing the album and supporting The Wombats social media campaign to produce a week their fans won’t forget in a hurry.

The band wanted to combine their campaign with events that would support the very venues that had been so important in their rising. They committed to playing five additional gigs in small venues and let their loyal fans pick the locations. This recognised their fans’ desire to see them play in places that they wouldn’t normally whilst simultaneously delivering exclusive ticket and album bundles that would count towards their overall chart position.

The band used their social media to send out a link asking fans a simple question “Where do you want us to play?”. The fans responded by the thousands. The top five highest demand locations were picked and tickets, which were bundled with copies of the new album, sold out in 54 minutes.

The exclusive gigs were off the scale. Fans got a fantastic up close experience in their home town small venues as a reward for their response and engagement with the band.

Openstage working with Pledge supplied the tickets leaving no room for secondary ticketing issues and the small regional venues received much needed revenue, status and publicity, in simple terms putting them on the map.

Via the Openstage platform, The Wombats now have data and insight that they own and control on thousands of highly engaged fans. They’ve sold thousands of tickets bundled with their latest album. They’ve helped 5 small venues and more importantly they have rewarded fans with a night to remember.  

You Beautiful People have got them a top 3 album and the band have enjoyed a run of shows that were “insane fun”. Something they are keen to repeat soon. Watch this space.

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