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Keep up the Fight for Face Value Tickets

With secondary ticketing being the bane of live music fans for many years, today’s announcement from the ticketing giant, Ticketmaster, is literally music to our ears! Pardon the pun.

Having suffered too long at the hands of GetMeIn and Seatwave amongst others, hardcore fans or, as Openstage like to call them, Superfans, have been paying way over the odds to see their favourite artists or, in many cases, priced out of the market all together.  

These ticketing giants have changed the face of the music industry in recent years, taking millions out of the market to line their own pockets and generally spoiling the experience of buying tickets for many of our favourite acts along the way. 

We have been watching closely the work of Sharon Hodgeson MP and the FanFair Alliance, amongst others, in the war on secondary ticketing and applaud this latest move from  Ticketmaster putting a stop to this continual rip off and providing greater options for real music fans to buy tickets at face value through peer to peer resale functionality. 

We at Openstage continue to watch the actions of Ticketmaster and how the fan-to-fan launch will work over the coming months but in the meantime, goodbye and good riddance to GetMeIn and Seatwave and let’s hope others in the frame grow a conscious soon, as face value tickets across the industry still has a long way to go.