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That Dirty Word- Data!

Your old trusted friend the mailing list, could soon become one of the biggest sources of risk to your business if you don’t take some action now.  Most of you will have heard about GDPR, how it’s going to affect using consumer data and the usage of your fan email addresses. It has been a topic of conversation at many of the recent music events including SXSW, Music Connected and this week’s Sandbox Summit in NYC, both in speaker panels and later a key topic over beer. I’ve found that for the already manic music manager and certainly those I have spoken to recently, GDPR is a head scratcher to add to an already long and demanding 'to do’ list. So how do you deal with this quickly, efficiently, and painlessly without spending a fortune? How do you make sure your fans get exactly what they want and ensure your data isn’t dead?


Those dreaded letters- GDPR- sound like they represent lots of hard work to make sure you keep within the guidelines of communication to your fans.  But you know best as to what your fans want to hear about, you know what is important to them, don’t you? You know how to best communicate with the under 25’s, don’t you? You know where your loyal fans are, don’t you? Don’t you…?  


Lots of smart artists are using Openstage. A bespoke direct-to-fan communication platform that takes into account fan’s location and level of engagement. It communicates to the fans, giving them more of a personal experience and rewards them for promoting events, music releases and live links etc.  At Openstage, all of this is done while using your data and your fan relationships in a way in which they interact more, and all being within the GDPR guidelines. This in turn keeps your fans happy, grows your data, all the while keeping you from the worry about a potential hefty fine when the establishment come knocking asking for your documented process of compliance to GDPR *yawn*.


The deadline for getting this sorted is fast approaching as we head into May and will affect all businesses, big or small.  I’m sure those consultants that you will pay a chunk for will do a great job at protecting your reputation. However, to avoid getting a heavy fine, or worse, you will still have GDPR on your ‘to do’ list and still your data may not be working as hard for you as it could.


If you want know more contact Rob Sealy on 07919 001752 and put it on my ‘to do’ list. Check out https://www.openstageit.com/