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The Future of Music, streaming and more

Really interesting BBC article here about the future of music and more specificially about streaming being able to advise artists where they should tour 


This got me thinking ...

The veracity of the data set with streaming and social media is always questionable for example; if someone listens to a track on spotify what does it mean? That they like the artist? That they just like that track?  That they want to see them play live?  Or that you just happened to be in a playlist amongst many others artist of a similar genre?  

If someone was to follow an artist or like something on facebook or twitter about an artist,  how does that figure translate into actually selling tickets?  It maybe that it is a reaction to a friends post than a statement of their own intent.   

The challenge is to quantify the strength of the relationship between the artist and  fans and friends of fans.  This could range from; 

- I skip your song after the first 10 seconds of hearing it

- I would go and see you play live if you were near me and and I could get a ticket

- I see you play live at most tours you do

- I would travel all over the UK to watch you play live at any price

- I would travel all over the world to watch you play at any price  

Knowing where the fans are on this spectrum will influence tour planning decisions. From location, to venue, to ticket price and could even start to influence the set, the experiences on offer to fans and other secondary commercial opportunities. 

In addition, the artists need to be in control of this data set. Not renting it from spotify.  They should know how many fans they have, be engaging them in chat and incentivising their behaviours and building a fan based communities.  This gives the artist an understanding of where they are in their career and enable them to make more informed decisions whilst building fan experiences. 

This is where www.openstageit.com can facilitiate the relationships and connect artists and fans with free flowing information.  Artists can see where their "superfans" are and engage and reward them whilst building relationships with newer fans.  The data connects the two and allows artists and fans to share great expereinces and make sweet music.  

By David Ffoulkes-Jones - CEO