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What a Week

It’s been an amazing week at Openstage HQ.  Sometimes when you are waiting for something to happen it can be like waiting for a bus in the rain, with the only belief in a strong proposition as an umbrella. When your self belief and patience is at its wits end then, suddenly, three buses turn up at once.  That summarises this last week in a nutshell for me.

I’ve spent months trudging around town knocking on doors and being told to come back when I have proof of proposition. With the work we have done with Seafret, Arlissa and The Wombats it would appear we have reached a level of confidence and we signed up a dozen artists on one day.  That’s more than we signed up in the whole of quarter 4 last year. Watch this space for announcements of all the bands.

Managers are now phoning me wanting to see me and you know what, its great! 

Now with the Openstage team at SXSW, Texas let's spread the word. Wish us luck and let's see what the next week brings. Will be back soon with an update.

Rob - Head of Sales, Openstage